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SAN ANTONIO, TX., February 17, 2017 — Southwest General Hospital was recognized with a special award at the STRAC Regional Cardiac Systems Quarterly Cardiac Dinner on Thursday, February 16th at the Omni Colonnade. This dinner recognized hospitals and agencies with cardiac care awards based on 2016 Regional Data, highlighting and celebrating American Heart Month.

A personal statement from the committee chair:

“When someone is having a heart attack, it is critical for all pieces of the healthcare system to operate in concert and efficiently so that the patient receives the most efficient and safest treatment possible. The Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council’s Regional Cardiac Systems Committee has been working with EMS, hospitals and physicians to enable heart attack patients in south Texas to receive the best care possible.

For 2016, Southwest General Hospital was recognized with a Shortest Door to Balloon Time Award, where the system performed flawlessly leading to a patient who received definitive care, a cardiac catheterization, in 20 minutes from the time EMS arrived at the hospital’s doors. To put this in perspective, the national goal for such treatment is 90 minutes and our regional goal is 60 minutes.

To perform such a critical, lifesaving procedure in such a short time shows a tremendous commitment by Southwest General Hospital to developing internal systems and processes to perform as efficiently as possible when such critical patients arrive at their door.

Tremendous work by Southwest General Hospital, their administration, nurses and physicians.” -Dudley Wait, Chair of the Regional Cardiac Systems Committee

For more information, visit the Southwest General Hospital website or on social at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin.





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