Tempe St. Luke's Hospital


Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital is an 87-bed, full-service hospital with all private rooms located in the heart of Tempe. Serving a diverse and dynamic community, Tempe St. Luke's Hospital offers a full range of high-quality services, including emergency care, orthopaedics, critical care, women's services, weight loss surgery, sports medicine and diagnostic imaging. The Tempe St. Luke's team is committed to providing excellent care in a friendly community hospital environment. Tempe St. Luke's Hospital is a campus of St. Luke's Medical Center and is accredited by DNV Healthcare, a wordlwide leader in quality management.

Emergency Care
State-of-the-art Emergency Department that provides care for a wide array of emergency conditions

Bridges Center for Surgical Weight Management
A designated Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery, providing a comprehensive surgical program for the treatment of obesity including nutritional guidance, counseling and support groups for patients

Center for Orthopaedic Innovation
Specialized orthopaedic services, including advanced diagnostic imaging technology, innovative surgical procedures, sports medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation programs

Critical Care
Highly skilled nursing professionals care for patients requiring intensive medical services

Women’s Health
Maternity services including pregnancy testing, labor and delivery, postpartum and newborn care, and women’s care services including gynecological surgery

Diagnostic Imaging
Advanced imaging technology including CT Scan, MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and bone densitometry

Pain Management Center
Innovative pain management program offers hope and a supportive environment for people suffering from acute, chronic and debilitating pain

Wound Care
Wound management, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Amputation Prevention Program and surgical wound treatment to address slow-healing wounds, control infection and improve overall health

Sleep Disorder Lab
Sleep laboratory that diagnoses and treats potentially serious sleep disorders including sleep apnea, excessive snoring and narcolepsy

Center for Sinus Care Innovation
Comprehensive and innovative treatment for serious and chronic nasal conditions