Our Strategy


Building Community Partnerships
When a new hospital joins the IASIS Healthcare family, building community partnerships is our top priority. After an acquisition, we work closely with the local hospital board, management team and physicians to find ways IASIS can partner with other physicians, employees and the community. This often means creating a framework for physician recruiting programs and launching employee retention efforts. We also spring into action, getting to know our communities so we can better understand their individual healthcare needs and find the best ways to meet them.

To help our hospitals grow and compete in their local markets, we make critical investments in technology and provide access to capital so new projects can be launched and implemented as soon as possible. Since 2002, IASIS has spent more than a billion dollars of capital on projects including the construction of new hospitals, facility expansions, IT investments and maintenance improvements. We want our hospitals to be successful from the day they become part of IASIS. Our strategy is to provide high-quality, cost-effective healthcare to improve the overall delivery of care in the communities we serve. Here’s a brief look at how we do it:

Supporting Hospital Boards and Management Teams For Local Success 
While the local boards and management teams continue to make key decisions for their organizations, IASIS supports its hospitals with experienced corporate leadership. Our team doesn’t manage from our corporate offices in Tennessee; instead, we thrive on direct community connections and work closely with the hospital boards and management teams, physicians, employees, patients and local residents.

Growing Strong Physician Partnerships
The backbone of our care model is our talented group of physicians. We focus on community-based recruitment programs, developing a centralized market approach along with a plan to manage critical nuances in each physician’s line of business.

Building Operational Excellence
Inefficient business processes can grind a hospital’s productivity and profits to a halt. Our hospitals tap into a dependable, advanced information system, solid service-line strategies and an abundance of tools for continual improvement in all aspects of clinical operations, including quality and revenue cycle management initiatives.

Achieving Positive Cash Flow
Effective cash management drives a hospital’s ability to manage all aspects of its business. We promote a disciplined approach to capital investments and continually monitor and find ways to improve our reimbursement processes and procedures to enhance financial performance.

Delivering Outstanding Quality Care
IASIS’ proprietary Hospital Medical Management & Quality ProgramTM (HMMQP) uses an integrated approach to achieve excellence in quality and process improvement. By leveraging our sophisticated technology, we are able to use comparative data to detect inefficiencies, prioritize opportunities and set improvement goals – all of which positively affect patient outcomes.