Our Story


Connecting Communities To High-Quality Healthcare
Healing is a process, not an event. We understand and respect this, just as the ancient Greeks did. They gave us the Hippocratic Oath; and from them, we took our name.

IASIS = an ancient Greek word that means the process of healing

Shared Success
Ours is a simple but powerful approach – we enable our hospitals to fulfill their independent missions by combining the traditions of community-focused healthcare with the resources they need to grow. We believe our shared success hinges on the individual achievements of each of our hospitals and strong partnerships with hospital boards, management teams, physicians, patients and the local communities we serve.

Keys To Success
At IASIS, we have a proven track record of investing in our hospitals for the long-term, focusing on operational excellence, and helping them build strong partnerships to become exceptional community leaders. When you join IASIS, you become part of a larger system of nearly 13,000 employees providing high-quality patient care. You also have access to the most innovative planning tools and sophisticated technology. Led by a team of experienced leaders and with more than $2.5 billion in annual revenue, we can make large, strategic investments that hospitals must have to succeed in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

A Winning Combination
Healthcare providers face many operating, regulatory and legislative challenges – making it difficult, and sometimes impossible, to go it alone. As members of a health system, IASIS hospitals are able to leverage resources and knowledge, resulting in better cost control, customer service and quality outcomes. By partnering with IASIS, hospitals benefit from the following:

  • System-wide quality programs that include a focus on setting clinical goals around key initiatives and the sharing of best practices across all hospitals
  • Advanced technology, including a state-of-the-art electronic health record system with more than 5 million patient records
  • Access to capital for investment in medical technology needed to grow important service lines like cardiology, oncology and imaging
  • Hospital boards and management teams empowered to make decisions based on their community’s unique needs
  • Strong physician partnerships rooted in shared decision-making, recruiting and retention programs
  • Depth of dedicated corporate resources to provide each hospital with experience and expertise in a range of subject areas, including: managed care, quality improvement, risk and compliance, information systems, physician operations, human resources, marketing and communications, revenue cycle management, business development and materials management
  • Supply chain savings and selection through a large-group purchasing consortium
  • Managed care expertise, delivering better reimbursement rates and more covered patients in our communities
  • Patient-friendly payment systems making it easier for the growing number of uninsured and under-insured patients
  • Expert insight on Washington, D.C., and a strategic play book to address complex, new legislation and regulations
  • As our reputation as a leader in the delivery of healthcare continues to grow, we are confident that we have the winning combination of community focus, leadership and financial resources to help our hospitals thrive.