Standards of Conduct

We Relate To People Ethically & Responsibly

As we relate to our fellow employees, we will:

  • Foster a work environment that promotes personaland professional growth and fulfillment, treating one another with respect and dignity
  • Harassment of co-workers, patients, or any persons in our environment will not be tolerated
  • Communicate honestly with candor and openness, encouraging a work atmosphere where a free exchange of ideas and innovation is expected
  • Recruit, hire, train, and promote employees in all job classifications based on their own abilities, achievements, experiences and conduct without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability or political affiliation
  • Understand and adhere to our Standards of Conduct
  • Discuss concerns with the appropriate party and report any suspected violations of our Standards of Conduct

As we relate to patients, we will:

  • Provide compassionate, prompt, professional care to help heal the sick and ease their suffering, and to promote health and well-being
  • Provide high-quality healthcare services without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability or method of payment
  • Provide treatment to all individuals who have an emergency condition
  • Recognize and respect the patient’s rights to participate in decisions involving his or her healthcare
  • Protect confidential patient informationUphold the patient’s right to make advance directives concerning his or her healthcare
  • Provide quality care to all patients regardless of whether they have executed an advance directive

As we relate to our communities, we will:

  • Work to improve the health of people in the communities we serve by providing health education and wellness resources, in addition to caring for the sick
  • Participate and volunteer in community activities whenever possible
  • Represent our work and ourselves accurately and honestly
  • Refrain from participating in any activity of a fraudulent or improper nature

As we relate to vendors, we will:

  • Treat all vendors objectively, honestly and fairly
  • Select vendors strictly for objective business reasons, such as quality, service, price, reputation and their ability to meet the needs of our patients and our needs as an organization
  • Adhere to the terms and conditions of contracts with customers and suppliers and keep information about vendors confidential

We Strive to Provide Excellent Healthcare Services

We will:

  • Recognize that patients are our top priority, and patient care is the core of our business
  • Promote a culture of continuous clinical quality improvement through ongoing education and training
  • Strive to achieve acceptable national standards in quality of care
  • Seek to equip our facilities with superior technology, according to current standards, and to utilize that technology to improve care delivery and outcomes
  • Foster a culture in which we work with physicians in relationships bound by mutual respect, ethics, and teamwork
  • Encourage participation from patients and their families in the course of care
  • Comply with clinical care delivery standards issued by accrediting organizations and federal and state regulations
  • Emphasize customer service, recognizing that our customers include patients, their families, employees, and physicians
  • Commit to balancing improvement of patient care with control of costs, recognizing that the appropriate balance of the two best serves our patients and our organization
  • Provide care with a strong commitment to the financial integrity of our patient-care operations
  • Recognize the worth of each individual and our unique role in assisting individuals in achieving an excellent quality of life
  • Recognize that delivery of patient care and the services that support patient care require ultimate personal effort and commitment in ways unique to healthcare

We Use Resources Wisely

As we use resources, we will:

  • Commit the necessary resources to support our goal of operational excellence
  • Recognize the importance of controlling operating costs without compromising patient care
  • Recognize that time is one of our most valuable resources, so we must work tirelessly to eliminate unnecessary duplication of administrative and operational expenses
  • Encourage our employees to continuously identify appropriate opportunities to reduce unnecessary costs and improve services
  • Acknowledge that efficiency is essential to our ability to carry out our mission and to deliver valuable healthcare services

As we use intellectual property, we will:

  • Respect and comply with patents, copyrights, trademarks, software licensing agreements, and other items for which rights to use and ownership are legally protected
  • Reproduce any copyright materials only as allowed by copyright laws
  • Get permission before reproducing someone else’s work for publication or personal gain
  • Check for proper documentation before using or installing software programs on company resources

As we use materials that may impact our environment, we will:

  • Operate our business in a manner that respects our environment and conserves our natural resources
  • Comply with all environmental laws and regulations
  • Appropriately handle and dispose of all infectious wastes through approved techniques
  • Continuously improve methods to reduce by-products and wastes that have a negative environmental impact
  • Promptly report potentially hazardous spills and exposures to toxic substances
  • Work cooperatively with the appropriate authorities to remedy any environmental contamination for which we may be responsible
  • Wear proper protective equipment and clothing designed to safely handle hazardous material

We Protect Confidential & Other Sensitive Information

When dealing with confidential patient information, we will:

  • Value and respect the privacy of our patients
  • Limit access to patient information to those individuals who are directly involved in a patient’s case or as required by law
  • Access confidential patient information only if we are directly involved in a patient’s case
  • Discuss a patient’s condition, treatment or prognosis only as required in the course of fulfilling our role in patient care
  • Safeguard medical records and other confidential patient information from accidental or intentional modification, destruction or disclosure

When dealing with confidential employee information, we will:

  • Value and respect the privacy of fellow employees
  • Limit access to employee information to individuals who are required to have access to
    that information to perform their job
  • Access confidential employee information only if required to do so to perform one’s job
  • Release employee information only when authorized by the employee or to meet legal requirements
  • Discuss any personal information regarding another employee only if required based on business

When dealing with confidential business information, we will:

  • Recognize that information, ideas and intellectual property assets of our organization are important to our organizational success
  • Value and respect the confidential information of our organization and our business partners
  • Obtain proper authorization before disclosing confidential business information concerning our facilities
  • Discuss competitive information or business strategies, prices, charges, costs or contract terms with other healthcare providers and vendors only with proper authorization and/or as required by law
  • Treat salary, benefit and personal information relating to employees as confidential and exercise due care to prevent the release or sharing of such information beyond persons who need it to fulfill their job functions
  • Direct all information requests from the news media to the Marketing and/or Public Relations Department at the facility or to management

We Document & Report Information According to the Law

When preparing and submitting billing for medical services, we will:

  • Accurately report services rendered and supplies used in compliance with applicable laws, rules, program requirements and insurance and government policies
  • Provide private and government payors and insurers with accurate billing information supported by proper medical documentation
  • Alter claims rejected for payment only as directed by a payor or insurer or to correct inaccuracies
  • Answer patient and payor questions concerning charges for our services in a timely manner
  • Not submit false, fraudulent or misleading claims to any government entity or third-party payor, including filing a claim for services different from those performed or filing a claim known to be upcoded, exaggerated, false or misleading in any way
  • Not make false representations to any person to gain or retain participation in a program or to obtain payment for any services

When preparing financial reports, we will:

  • Ensure that all our financial and accounting records, expense accounts, time sheets and other documents and reports are accurate and reliable
  • Clearly represent the relevant facts and true nature of all financial transactions

When dealing with audits and investigations, we will:

  • Cooperate with all government agencies
  • Provide accurate information to internal and external auditors and investigators, providing documents as requested
  • Refer all external requests and inquiries from government agencies to the Corporate Business Practices Office

We Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Our Directors, Officers, Committee Members and other employees will:

  • Uphold their duty of undivided and unqualified loyalty to the organization
  • Regulate our activities to avoid actual impropriety and/or the appearance of impropriety which may arise from the influence of these activities on business decisions of the company
  • Refrain from voting on or influencing any action or decision in which they have a personal financial interest

To avoid nepotism, we will:

  • Refrain from placing or maintaining an employee in a position that has a direct or indirect reporting relationship with an immediate family member
  • Disclose all such relationships to the Director of Human Resources

If we have financial interests outside our employment, we will:

  • Ensure outside financial interests and secondary employment do not impair or interfere with our job performance
  • Discuss outside financial interests and secondary employment with supervisors if uncertain about their acceptability

To ensure that we compete fairly, we will:

  • Market our services and products honestly
  • Adhere to antitrust and trade regulations that encourage competition
  • Refrain from sharing information about our company’s business or strategic plans with any

Regarding gifts, entertainment and gratuities, we will:

  • Refrain from accepting anything valued in excess of the amounts established in company policies and procedures and statements of business practices
  • Refrain from providing to a supplier, patient or customer anything valued in excess of the amounts established in company policies and procedures and statements of business practices
  • Refrain from accepting any gift, favor or courtesy that could be viewed as an attempt to gain favorable treatment or advantage
  • Only accept free travel or lodging with approval from our immediate supervisor
  • Only accept funds for department functions with approval from our immediate supervisor

To avoid bribes, kickbacks and illegal payments, or even the appearance thereof, we will:

  • Refrain from offering or paying for anything of value to induce someone to refer a patient to any of our facilities
  • Refrain from asking for or receiving anything of value in order to refer any of our patients to other providers
  • Refrain from encouraging offers of free travel, entertainment or lodging from vendors or suppliers in exchange for patronage
  • Refrain from routinely waiving patient co-pay or deductible amounts

As we engage in political activity, we will:

  • Respect each employee’s right to participate in, or refrain from, participating in political and community activities
  • Not encourage or coerce co-workers to support or contribute to any political issue, candidate or party
  • Refrain from attempting to influence the decision-making process of governmental bodies or
    officials by offering any improper benefits
  • Report to the Corporate Business Practices Office any requests by a governmental representative for any improper benefit

To avoid insider trading, we will:

  • Refrain from purchasing or trading securities based on confidential and/or proprietary information obtained from our hospitals, customers, vendors, or others, or giving such information to others, including family members, for their benefit
  • Comply with our corporate securities trading policy in all respects

We Work Safely

To ensure a safe workplace, we will:

  • Dedicate ourselves to creating and maintaining a positive work environment for all employees, patients and visitors that complies with workplace health and safety laws
  • Carefully handle all equipment, waste and supplies in accordance with all legal requirements
  • Ensure a safe work environment by using the proper safety equipment and by identifying possible hazards in the workplace
  • Refrain from inflicting violent acts or making threats, either physical and verbal, to co-workers, patients, visitors, vendors, or others on or off our property
  • Immediately report any violence or threats of violence against a patient, visitor, employee,
    or other person
  • Refrain from using, selling, purchasing, transferring or possessing illegal drugs or misusing legal drugs while on our property or while performing company business
  • Refrain from possession of firearms or any other type of weapon on company property or any other locations where we may be present in relation to our work
  • Refrain from reporting to work impaired by drugs or alcohol, including drugs prescribed by
    a physician and over-the-counter medications
  • Immediately report to our supervisor all indications we may have of unsafe conditions of any type in our workplace, including, but not limited to, the above matters

We Accept Responsibility & Accountability

  • Employee Responsibility
    All facility, corporate, and contract personnel are required to read, become familiar with and abide by the Standards of Conduct.
  • Management Responsibility
    Managers must ensure employees and contract personnel have adequate knowledge and resources to follow the IASIS Standards of Conduct. Managers also are responsible for monitoring the compliance of their employees and contract personnel and enforcing the Standards of Conduct in their areas. Employees and contract personnel will not be subject to retaliation or retribution for asking questions, expressing concerns or sharing information about situations that may be in violation of our Standards of Conduct . Anyone who engages in retaliation or retribution because of such activities will be subject to disciplinary action, including termination in appropriate cases.
  • Enforcement
    Individuals who violate these Standards of Conduct or any other organization requirement, as well as those who have failed to report a suspected violation, will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action up to and including termination from employment.

When to Get Help & Where to Get Answers

When faced with a dilemma in the workplace, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the action legal?
  • Is it the right thing to do?
  • If I do it, will I feel bad?
  • Will it have a positive impact on our patients, co-workers, or the company?
  • Would I be proud to tell others what I did?
  • How will it look in the newspaper?

If you’re not sure if something is wrong, ask. Keep asking until you get a satisfactory answer.

Where to get answers:

  • Read our Standards of Conduct
  • Get on-line at iasishealthcare.com
  • Talk with your supervisor
  • Talk with your facility’s Human Resources personnel
  • Talk with your facility’s Compliance Officer
  • Contact the Vice President of Business Practices at 615-844-2747
  • Call the IASIS Legal Department at 615-844-2747
  • Call the Compliance Alertline at 1-877-898-6080

Failure to abide by these Standards of Conduct may lead to disciplinary action. These Standards of Conduct are not, and may not be construed as, a contract of employment or any other type of contract. Your employment with a facility owned by IASIS at all times is at will and either you or your employer have the right to terminate your employment relationship at any time. Nothing in these Standards of Conduct is intended to nor shall be construed as providing any additional employment or contract rights to employees or other persons.


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