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A Proven Track Record

At IASIS Healthcare, we always have taken a long-term approach to building facilities, provider networks and our teams of people. With a proven track record of long-term investments, close partnerships with local boards and management teams, strong and well-aligned physician partnerships, and a relentless focus on quality and technology, we have raised the bar for all health systems. It is this approach that sets us apart from the others.

Investing For The Long-Term

When IASIS acquires a hospital, it is done with a focus on the future. Since our beginning, we have added value to our hospitals and the communities they serve. We believe owning a hospital over the long term is the key driver in building greater trust, loyalty and collaboration among our physician partners, employees, patients and the people living and working in the commu- nity at large. A long-term vision also leads to investments in large-scale, high-impact capital improvements, which benefit both the overall health and economic condition of our communities.

The Strength Of Our Physician Partnerships

We’ve always known that our success is rooted in the delivery of efficient, high-quality healthcare. In order to achieve this, our hospitals and physicians are creating new kinds of partnerships that work better in today’s healthcare setting. Physicians actively participate in our strategic planning process and are members of the IASIS Physician Advisory Council. We also have built aggressive physician recruiting and retention programs and work with physicians to promote cardiology, bariatrics, family practice, neonatology, sports medicine and other key service lines that attract and retain the best clinical talent. When hospital leaders and physicians become partners it also leads to innovation, patient satisfaction and stronger visible involvement in the community.

Focus On Technology

IASIS recognized early the importance of investing in new technology to improve hospital operations, quality of care and physician partnerships. The result is a more than $300 million investment in our information and clinical technology system that includes an electronic health record, as well as cutting-edge medical equipment. Very few hospital companies have been able to achieve this level of technology investment and integration. Because we continually blaze trails across new technology frontiers, IASIS and our member hospitals are prepared to meet the new federal requirements for health information technology meaningful use guidelines.

Research And Education

Medicine does not stand still. Researchers constantly evaluate new treatments and medications that improve patient outcomes, and IASIS hospitals have always been encouraged to conduct clinical trials.

Now, I-CARE, the IASIS Center for the Advancement of Research and EducationTM, is opening more research trials for IASIS hospitals and physicians. This program serves as a central clearinghouse for physicians who are interested in finding clinical trials and study sponsors looking for patient populations to meet certain criteria.

By expanding its involvement in clinical trials, IASIS is able to offer more options to patients while also building our reputation as a cutting-edge leader in healthcare.

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