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The IASIS Healthcare Foundation is a charitable organization that was created in an effort to provide healthcare services, supplies and training to disadvantaged regions around the world. Through a collaborative effort that involved many IASIS employees, friends, partners and vendors, the Foundation’s first mission was a trip to the Serengeti Region in the east African nation of Tanzania. A team of IASIS physicians and nurses spent two weeks in the region, holding clinics where primary care and surgical services were provided to local individuals with a wide variety of medical needs. That first mission was christened “Operation Starfish” – a theme that IASIS continues today.

Over the years, the Foundation kept its commitment to helping those in need and broadened its focus to include the IASIS communities. On several different occasions, the Foundation has provided monetary assistance directly to its employees and their families affected by natural disasters including hurricanes and floods.

Additional support – in the form of monetary donations and medical supplies – was used to aid Haiti in the aftermath of its devastating earthquake and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the deadly fuel-tanker explosion that killed or injured more than 500 people.

For information on how to support the work of the IASIS Healthcare Foundation, contact Cara Jackson at (615) 844-2747, or cljackson@iasishealthcare.com.

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